Own projects

We aim to raise awareness through audiovisual art. We address current social issues, revealing reality in novel creative documentaries with a highly emotional impact.



ENTRE PRUNUS MUME · Documentary to make the Chinese community and culture visible in Spain.

More than 225,000 people whose origin is Chinese reside in Spain.

The documentary´s format will be dynamic, fun, and contemporary. To achieve this and attract a greater number of viewers, the documentary will be designed to break down prejudices without forgetting to entertain.

Bringing Spanish society closer to a part of its reality that in many cases does not understand or is distant.


NO SOY UN OBJETO · Documental and impact campaign

The campaign and documental arise from the clear and determined position against female genital mutilation (FGM).

The project is comprised of several independent pieces that form part of a longer documentary for the purpose of distribution and to raise awareness in affected countries.



ALOPECIA · Literary story and photographic session.

Alopecia is a reality that most men and women live in a society where diversity does not accept and judges everything that comes out of an aesthetic canon.

A literary piece will be created inspired by a photoshoot of a character taken out of the ordinary.

Different questions will arise. Will human beings not have hair in the future? What will aesthetics be like in five centuries?




We meet Mario Marino Mba, Guinean who has lived in Spain for 15 years.

Mario is an example of the many young people with a complex and difficult past. His constant struggle and desire to prosper allow him to construct a promising future.



THE SECRET (EL SECRETO) · Short fiction film

We created this short piece in collaboration with two theatre students: Aminata, who plays the role of Aissatou and Nyatu, who plays the role of Bintu.

In this piece we make visible the reality of stateless persons and their search for identity.