We make realities visible

Graphic and Audiovisual Support for Non-Governmental Organizations


Graphic and audio-visual support for Non-Governmental Organizations


We deep dive into your cause so we can offer you the best way to make it visible and dignify it


We bond with your cause and convey your message so others can relate emotionally


We aim to empower the viewer and generate transformative actions

Support for 
your NGO

A Knowledgeable Approach

We help NGOs and social initiatives by creating visual pieces tailored to their needs. We help them gain visibility and reinforce the positive impact of their work on society.

Projects which we have collaborated on:

Own projects

Other Views

We create collaborative and independent projects to raise awareness of different realities and reveal what lies behind prejudices based on ignorance. We leverage art as a tool for contemporary documentation.


The View from Within

Our program of audiovisual donations allows us to create training activities for the teams of Non-Governmental Organizations, including volunteers and beneficiaries.

Help us to make realities visible

Your help is needed to give visibility to the different realities throughout the world. You can help making a financial donation, donating audiovisual equipment or collaborating in one of our  projects.

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