Visual Lives

We make realities visible

Graphic and audio-visual support for Non-Governmental Organizations


Graphic and audio-visual support for Non-Governmental Organizations


We inform ourselves in depth regarding your cause to offer you the best way to make it visible in a dignified manner


We connect emotionally with your cause in order to be able to transmit your message and involve those who view your website


Our objective is to empower the viewer in order to generate transformative action

Support to 
your NGO

An informed perspective

We help NGOs and social initiatives by creating visual pieces to support their projects. Our contributions aim to demonstrate the positive impact on society obtained through these projects.

Projects which we have collaborated on:

Our own projects

Other Views

We create collaborative and independent projects in order to make realities visible and reveal what lies behind prejudices produced by lack of information. We use art as a tool for contemporary documentation.


The View from Within

Our program of audio visual donations allows us to create team training activities for Non-Governmental Organizations, both for volunteers and for beneficiaries.

Help us to make realities visible

Your help is needed to make visible different realities of the world. You can help through monetary donation, donation of audio visual equipment or through collaboration in one of our projects.

With your donation and collaboration

¡You will form part of the VL community!